Problems during lactation: mastitis, milk swelling, chapped, so solve

Chapped, pain

Mothers who are just starting to feed their babies may experience some pain or even cracks. This is because the correct breastfeeding posture has not been mastered or the baby has not been breastfeeding correctly. However, this is the initial break-in between the mother and the baby. When the breastfeeding posture is mastered, there will be no pain, and letting the baby learn to breastfeed correctly will also prevent chaps.

What should I do if it is cracked?

You can use non-irritating shower gel or water to wash your breasts when you take a bath. Secondly, applying pure lanolin or petroleum jelly can also help heal chapped. But if the problem does not improve, it is best to go to the hospital for face-to-face consultation.

Increase milk

Increased milk, as the name implies, is that the breast becomes swollen. If the baby does not eat empty breast milk or does not taste breast milk, it will cause the mother's breast swelling, especially in the initial stage, the mothers are easy to milk. The best way to prevent milk swelling is to feed the baby regularly, and it is best to feed the baby on both sides. Electric Breast Pump

What should I do if my milk increases?

After the mother swells up, she needs to squeeze out the milk from the breast, and the hot compress helps the milk flow, so the mother can express the milk while taking a hot bath, or use a breast pump. You can use cold compresses when you are in pain. Cold compresses can help mothers relieve the pain.

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If the swelling milk is not treated in time, it will develop into mastitis. Another situation is that after the cracking, bacterial infection causes inflammation.

What should I do with mastitis?

If the mastitis is mild, it can be improved by breastfeeding and expressing the baby frequently. Severe mastitis makes the mother feel fatigue, fever, nausea, etc., it is best to go to the hospital. The doctor may prescribe some antibiotics that will not affect breastfeeding, which will not affect the mother's milk. Therefore, it is recommended to continue breastfeeding.

The peak of the onset of mastitis is the time when the mother stops breastfeeding. For example, many mothers brake-weaned, so it is important to prepare a breast pump to drain the milk in time.

Simple breastfeeding, there are also many articles in it. Many young mothers may feel more private when encountering such problems, and they are ashamed to consult medical staff, which leads to serious problems. In fact, there is no need at all. The pediatrician and other medical staff will be happy to help you solve the problem and solve the problem in time. It can also help the mother and the baby to run in faster and reduce a lot of trouble.

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