Recommended games for practicing baby sign language

Sign language games are to increase the interaction between parents and babies, let each other know each other, and create sign language that both parties can understand. Parents and babies who participate in the play need to know a few common sign language movements, which are generally closely related to the baby's life. This is conducive to combining sign language with life and applying what they have learned.

Recommended game 1: Baby drink milk

· Sign language keywords: milk, drink, I want

· Sign language operation: teach the baby to make a fist and then release it, repeat it several times, just like milking, which means "milk"; the small hand is slightly bent to make the shape of a milk bottle, "poured" into the mouth, it is to drink Meaning; two hands are combined and then separated, which means "I want more".

· How to play:

1. Mother and baby sit close together, face to face. The mother pointed to the empty bottle with no milk on the side and made a gesture of drinking to let the baby see the bottle.

2. Mom makes milk gestures, and slowly makes the baby associate the gestures with the physical objects.

3. The mother pretends to finish drinking the milk, and then makes an empty bottle movement, using a gesture to indicate "more", and then takes another milk bottle to drink, so that the child fully understands the meaning of this gesture.

4. After the baby understands, play with the baby, you can take the form of asking him to answer.

Recommended game 2: Big fish and small fish enter the cave

· Sign language keywords: fish, cave

· Sign language operation: close your baby's fingers and bend them to imitate a fish swimming; ten fingers interlaced and two arms form a circle, which represents a cave.

· How to play:

1. First of all, mothers must patiently teach the baby how to use sign language to express the action of "fishing".

2. Mom can use two arms to form a circle, and then the baby makes a fish gesture with sign language and enters the circle, which is the cave.

3. Mom can also sing a nursery rhyme "A lot of fish are swimming happily..." when the baby is doing this action. Of course, if Dad is also there, you can play this game together and let Dad be the big fish. Lead the baby fish to explore the cave together.

Recommended game 3: Baby wear a hat

· Sign language keywords: hats, really awesome

· Sign language operation: bend your index finger slightly and tap your head to indicate "hat"; and "you are amazing" means to put your thumb up.

· How to play:

1. Take the baby out, dress the baby nicely, wear beautiful clothes and shoes for the baby, what else is missing? Gently tap the head with a slightly bent index finger, "The baby still lacks a nice hat, where is it?"

2. Put a variety of hats in front of the baby, let him choose, and help the baby wear it. Put the baby in front of the mirror. Does the baby look good? Do a gesture of putting your thumbs up to encourage your baby.


Recommended Game Four: Scrubbing Scrubbing Scrubbing

· Sign language keywords: bathing, changing diapers

· Sign language operation: Use both hands to wipe the body, which means "bath"; lightly pat and spank the buttocks with both hands, it means that the baby needs to change the diaper.

· How to play:

1. Choosing to play at the time of the baby's bathing is the most appropriate. When the mother helps the baby to take a bath, guide the baby to wipe the body, so that the baby understands that this is the sign language for bathing.

2. After taking a bath for the baby, the mother can use gestures to convey to the baby that "it's time to change the diaper". This gesture should be used frequently in daily life. After practicing for a long time, the baby can tell mommy "I'm going to pee" through the gesture.

Recommended game five: Good night baby

· Sign language keywords: quiet, sleep

· Sign language operation: Use your index finger to approach but do not touch your mouth, and make a "hush" tone, which means "quiet"; put your hands together, close to the left side of the head, and then move your head close to the palm of your hand to indicate "sleeping".

· How to play:

1. Choose to do the best before the baby goes to bed. Carry the baby to the bed, while the mother sits on the edge of the bed and looks at the baby.

2. The mother uses sign language to express the meaning of "quiet" and draw the baby's attention to her actions.

3. Then the mother told the baby through sign language that she should close her eyes and go to bed, kiss the baby gently, and say softly: "Baby, good night!" If the baby does not cooperate, you can do it again until the baby is sleepy.

TIP: Essentials for game parents to pay attention to

1. Sign language movements should be unified and standardized. If the mother makes a different gesture every time, the baby may not be able to understand the point of the gesture.

2. Need to do this action repeatedly. In order for the baby to clearly understand the meaning of the sign language movement, parents also need to repeat the sign language movement. If the baby learns the movement, praise the baby.

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