Should the baby use a sling or a waist stool, which is better?

For moms and dads, bringing a baby is really hard work, especially for moms who like to go shopping, shopping with a baby is really tiring, but since slings and waist stools appeared on the market, many moms They are all in use. They make it much more convenient for mothers to take their babies out. So which one is better for baby carrier or waist stool?

Baby slings and waist stools are not meant to be used by babies, they are exquisite. Which one is better, baby carrier or waist stool? On this issue, every parent's opinion is not consistent. In terms of nature and function, the baby carrier and the waist stool are similar, but the applicable month age is different. Usually the sling can be used by the baby at about four months. It is better to use the waist stool for more than six months.

In fact, strollers are also a good choice to take your baby out, but some mothers think that using a stroller is sometimes inconvenient, but the weather is very hot in summer. If the baby wants to go out for a walk, the waist stool is very It makes sense. Compared with holding the baby directly, it is cooler and less labor-saving, and it can also free up hands for other things.

However, the baby carrier and waist stool are only suitable for parents when they are busy. It should be noted that the carrier or waist stool cannot be used for a long time, otherwise it will be very unfavorable to the development of Bao's spine, which will seriously cause the baby to have O-legs.