Stuffy nose in babies is much more painful than adults?

The special nasal aspirator for babies, its materials, angles and dimensions are specially designed for babies. Its curvature will make the baby feel more comfortable, the round head will not hurt the skin, and it is easy to clean. Is a Baby Nasal Aspirator useful? Let the editor with you to find out!

Babies have more secretions in the nasal cavity, and at the same time, their nasal passages are very narrow. If the nasal mucus in the nose is not dealt with in time, and then inhale the dust and solid particles in the air, it will easily become dry and form nose. Over time, the nose will become bigger and bigger, and it will block the baby's nasal cavity. In order to prevent this, the first thing is to clean up the baby's nose in time. The role of the nasal aspirator is to suck a large amount of nasal mucus and secretions at a time, so that mommy can help the baby clean the nose.

Baby Nose Cleaner

If the baby's nasal congestion and runny nose are not treated in time, the baby will cry easily, breathing will not be smooth, and it will also affect the feeding. Therefore, nasal congestion in babies is much more painful than adults, and if the nasal cavity is stimulated by secretions for a long time, it may also cause diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to use a nasal aspirator. It can comfortably and effectively suck out the nasal mucus, so that the baby's nose will be unobstructed, breathing will be smooth, breastfeeding normally, sleep at ease, and trouble-free for mommy.

According to medical observations, a child tends to catch colds repeatedly within a year, especially infants and preschoolers who are prone to catch colds. Therefore, a nasal aspirator is a must-have item for every baby.