The actual milk volume of the breast pump sucking 90ml milk

In normal life, after a woman has given birth, doctors and family members will hold the baby to the mothers, the purpose is to let the baby suck their breasts in time to obtain the source of milk so as to promote their breastfeeding. However, some mothers also use breast pumps. So what is the actual amount of milk that the breast pump sucks 90ML of milk? That is, is the amount of milk sucked by the electric breast pump the same as the actual amount of milk fed by the mothers themselves?

Hands Free Electric Breast Pump

Speaking of breast pumps to all the mothers, everyone will not find this kind of product unfamiliar. Because many mothers will prepare a breast pump for themselves before giving birth, so that they can use it after giving birth to secrete milk. But everyone should know that a breast pump is different from a baby’s automatic sucking, because a breast pump is just a device. Moms can adjust the gear and choose the most comfortable gear to suck. This is the same as the baby’s own sucking. The stimulation is completely different. Therefore, the amount of milk sucked by a breast pump will be less than the amount of milk sucked by the baby. Therefore, the amount of 90ML milk sucked by the breast pump will be less than the baby sucked. Therefore, many doctors will recommend that the baby suck more. To stimulate women’s breasts to help breastfeed.

However, it is difficult to judge the actual amount of 90ML milk drawn by the breast pump. After all, there is no specific value for the amount of milk sucked by the baby, and we have no way to compare it.

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