Correct use of bottle scale

Raising a small baby is a very difficult task, because it is as big as it is related to the health of the baby, and as small as how to make milk powder and how to use a bottle, it is a knowledge that needs novice parents to learn. Many novice parents don't know how to use the bottle scale correctly to prepare milk powder for their baby. Today, I will explain to you the correct way to use the bottle scale.


First of all, there are two different scales on some bottles. Generally, a milk bottle with two scales has two measuring units, OZ and ML. Parents should be very familiar with the measurement unit of ML, because this is the measurement unit we use most often in our daily lives. ML means milliliter. And OL is an imperial unit, so 1OZ=30ML. When preparing milk powder, parents can get the corresponding number through the conversion of these two units to use the bottle scale. But if you find the conversion troublesome, you can also use only the ML scale unit, which saves time and convenience when preparing milk powder.

Nowadays, there are a dazzling array of baby bottles on the market, with a variety of good-looking styles for consumers to choose from. However, some parents have found that some baby bottles are too garish and the accuracy of the scale is reduced. In the process of using the baby bottle, two baby bottles are poured with the same water but the scale is different. If this is the case, it is recommended that parents can buy a measuring cup, pour the water into the measuring cup, and then pour it into the bottle after the measurement is accurate.

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