What should I do if my mother eats spicy food after the vaccine is administered to a breastfeeding child?

The health of infants and young children is very important, so many babies will be vaccinated in advance to prevent the occurrence of diseases. After the baby is vaccinated, there are many precautions. Not only that, there are also certain requirements for breastfeeding mothers, and it is not allowed to eat. Spicy and stimulating food, what should the mother do if the breastfeeding child is vaccinated and the mother eats spicy food? Let's take a look together below.

The baby after the vaccine is very sensitive and prone to allergic reactions. Therefore, you must pay more attention when feeding breast milk. If the mother eats spicy food, you can stop feeding properly at this time to ensure the baby’s health. Breast milk, give them milk powder temporarily. After the breastfeeding child is vaccinated, the mother is eating spicy food. At this time, the mother can drink more water and urinate appropriately. Water can promote circulation in the body. Drinking more water can alleviate the heat problem on the one hand, and the cayenne pepper in the body can carry urine with it. It is excreted from the body, and the body's metabolic cycle is 12 hours, so you should drink as much as possible within 12 hours.

During breastfeeding, mothers need to pay attention to their diet. If they eat spicy food, they will be absorbed by the mother and then passed to the baby in the form of milk. The baby will be prone to get angry and constipation after drinking the mother’s milk, so For the health of the baby, mothers who are breastfeeding must pay attention to a light diet, drink plenty of water, and eat more protein-rich foods.

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