The baby bottle that I wash every day is washed wrong?

After the baby is born, the novice Bao's parents and mothers are busy with things every day, feeding the baby, changing diapers, coaxing sleep... Some things are done many times a day, which may seem simple, but they may not be able to do it right. .

For example, the topic shared today-how to properly wash baby bottles.

The milk bottle is the baby's "tableware", and the milk bottle is an indispensable item for the baby who is fed with milk powder. Washing baby bottles is an essential skill for parents, but they often fall into a misunderstanding without knowing it. Let's take a look today, what are the misunderstandings of washing baby bottles to avoid!

Misunderstanding 1: Accumulate together and wash again when you have time

Sometimes after feeding the baby, it immediately enters the process of coaxing the baby to sleep, and sometimes it happens that the bottle is too late to wash.

However, there are also some lazy parents who think that it is time-saving and convenient to stock up a few bottles and wash them when you have time. Actually, this is really not recommended!

Because the fat in the milk sticks to the bottle and nipple for a long time, it will harden, causing the accumulation of lipids. Once the lipid is attached, it is difficult to remove it, and once the lipid has deteriorated, it must be renewed and replaced.

Misunderstanding 2: Just flush with water

Milk contains a large amount of lipids, which are easy to adhere to the wall of the baby bottle and form milk scale. Clean water can only wash off the milk on the wall of the baby bottle.

It is recommended to use a special bottle brush for careful cleaning, especially the ribs on the bottle mouth to prevent residues.

Misunderstanding 3: Only clean the bottle

Compared with the smooth body, other parts of the bottle are more likely to retain dirt, such as the nipple, nipple seat, and bottle cap. If it is a bottle with a tube, you need to clean the tube.

When cleaning the baby bottle, disassemble the detachable parts for cleaning, so that the dirt has no place to hide. If you don't miss any corner, your baby's health will be more secure. Some mothers are worried that general cleaning can't be thoroughly cleaned, so they will choose a special detergent for baby bottles. In fact, it is also possible, but you must choose trusted brands and products.

Misunderstanding 4: Boil and disinfect every time it is used up

If the above three misunderstandings are laziness and not being cleaned, then this misunderstanding is very hardworking, for fear of not being cleaned. It is necessary to sterilize the baby bottle, but it is not necessary to boil and sterilize each time after cleaning!

Under normal circumstances, after washing with water, blanch it with boiling water, and occasionally boil it for disinfection. Excessive disinfection is not only bad for health, but also bad for prolonging the life of the bottle.

You Bao’s mother is worried that if the baby bottle is not boiled and disinfected every time, bacteria will remain. In fact, whether the breast pump, feeding bottle, or tableware is cleaned, as long as it is kept dry after washing, the growth of bacteria can be inhibited! As long as you pay attention to cleaning the feeding bottle on time, do not stock up, dry the water after washing and keep the inside of the feeding bottle dry to avoid contamination.

In addition, every time you clean the baby bottle, you should also pay attention to the cleaning of the pacifier, don't ignore it!

Proper cleaning of baby bottle nipple:

Step1: Completely disassemble the feeding bottle, nipple, collar, etc., and clean them one by one;

Step2: Soak the nipple with warm water for 10 minutes to fully soak and dissolve the milk scale;

Step3: Scrub with a nipple brush dipped in cleaning fluid, and poke the suction hole of the nipple with a needle or toothpick;

Step4: Rinse with clean water, put it in a uv light sanitizer box or boiled water for disinfection, and dry;

Parenting is no trivial matter. Usually, some things that seem to be simple and easy to operate need to be more careful.