The benefits of eating puree for your baby

Put the fresh vegetables in clean water to remove the dirt. After they are clean, the vegetables are rolled until they become puree. Then put the puree vegetables into the refrigerator immediately. This is vegetable puree. When it is ready to be eaten, one method is to eat it directly, and another method is to add other foods to mix and eat. Vegetable puree is rich in nutrients from the raw materials, but the shape is changed into a puree shape, which is more conducive to the baby's eating.

At present, most vegetable purees on the market are not made from only one kind of vegetable, but are made by mixing a variety of vegetables. In addition, some brands choose to add meat or juice to the vegetable puree. The diversified vegetable puree provides a wide range of choices for parents and babies, which guarantees nourishment and is very delicious. Baby Food Processor

The benefits of puree for babies

According to the survey, before the age of six months, Chinese babies and babies of the same age in other developed countries are at the same level in terms of physical fitness. But when the baby is over half a year old, the foreign baby is obviously stronger than the Chinese baby in terms of physique and height. The Chinese baby tends to be thin and the foreign baby appears very strong. This phenomenon occurs because Chinese babies lack comprehensive and balanced nutrition during the exchange period.


2. Helps to better adapt to solid food

From the age of 4 months to the full year of age, it is the breast-changing period. The origin of the name is that the baby's food gradually changed from the initial liquid such as breast milk and milk powder to solid food such as meals. This transformation process takes about 6 months. In order to adapt to solid foods, babies usually have to eat some easy-to-digest paste-like foods, such as various vegetable purees and meat purees.

3. Helps to promote the healthy development of the baby

Some mothers believe that the mushy food eaten during the breast-changing period is a supplementary food, and that the baby still feeds on milk as the main food, so they do not pay attention to the reasonable mix and intake of ingredients. In fact, this will hinder the baby's full intake of nutrients, and thus affect its growth and development. Therefore, the food that the baby eats during the breastfeeding period cannot be underestimated, because it is essential for the baby's nutritional intake.

The best time for baby to eat vegetable puree

· Babies within 4 months

If the baby is breastfed, there is no need to take extra vegetable juice. Because the vitamin C intake by the mother affects the vitamin C content in breast milk, as long as the mother pays attention to intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, the baby can obtain sufficient vitamin C through breast milk.

If the baby eats milk powder, he should take in vegetable juice to supplement extra vitamin C. This is because the vitamin C in milk powder cannot meet the baby's needs.

· Baby 4 months old

Whether it is a breast-fed baby or an artificially-fed baby, after 4 months, breast milk or milk powder alone cannot provide sufficient vitamin C for the baby's growth, so they must take in some complementary foods, such as feeding some vegetable puree.

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