The benefits of telling a story to your baby

What is bedtime story

Bedtime stories refer to stories that your baby listens to before falling asleep between the ages of two and six. Generally it is a fairy tale theme, the story is peaceful, and there is rarely a tragic ending. Bedtime stories make it easier for the baby to fall asleep, not only can make the baby immersive, but also make the baby feel more stable.

The benefits of telling a story to your baby

1. Enable the baby's intelligence to be developed

Bedtime stories can not only help children fall asleep, but also exercise their thinking skills and help develop IQ in an all-round way. Because the baby is still young, he may only recognize a relatively small part of the words. Even if there are illustrations, the baby cannot fully understand the content of the story. If you want to further enhance your baby's ability in learning and understanding, it is necessary for the mother to patiently explain the content of the story to the baby to enhance the baby's familiarity with the knowledge of books. Satisfying the baby's desire for reading and seeking knowledge in time will help the baby's overall development of IQ.


2. Harmonious parent-child relationship

When telling a story, the communication between the mother and the baby increases, and the baby will understand and trust the mother more. For older children, mothers should not only be satisfied with telling stories, but also pay attention to the baby's reaction to the story, and also discover the baby's points of interest so that the baby can fall in love with reading.

3. The role of education

When the baby does something wrong, straightforward criticism may not make the baby correct it, and it is more likely to make the baby feel disgusted. If you use your favorite characters and deeds to guide your baby in a story that your baby loves to listen to, it will be easier for the baby to correct the shortcomings and have a positive impact.

When do you start telling stories to your baby

Children all like to listen to stories, especially their parents tell stories. Don't think that the baby is young and can't understand the story. In fact, from the mother's belly to the birth, the baby has heard many stories for a long time and is already familiar with this feeling. Accompanied by the mother’s kind and gentle reading, the baby feels safe and sleeps more easily.

There are many good times in life that can be used to tell your baby a story:

1. A moment of drinking milk;

2. Rest before going to bed;

3. When bored in bed;

4. When the baby drinks water from a feeding bottle;

5. When the baby wakes up but refuses to get up.

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