The importance of breast milk research in corporate layout

Breast milk research not only condenses years of research efforts of the company, but also highlights the company's confidence and determination to continuously explore infant foods. After all, when companies establish breast milk research teams, they face the risk of asymmetry in investment and harvest. Companies are investing a lot of time, funds and talents, and may not see results for more than three to five years, and their operating costs are also under pressure, which greatly tests the comprehensive strength of the company.

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When more companies make the move to establish breast milk research centers, it is also the result of weighing the pros and cons of the company's overall strength and future development. After all, the achievement of research results by a company will bring not only product quality to enhance brand influence, but also a magic weapon for companies to master in future competition and help companies go further.


In the post-epidemic era, the growth and care of the consumer groups for babies is not only the need for balanced nutrition of food for infants and young children, but also the need for nutrition and health including the improvement of immunity and resistance during the growth of babies, and its scope and depth are even greater. Refinement. Therefore, while researching breast milk, companies are also deepening their layout in the field of nutrition and health, and continue to meet the nutritional and health needs of Chinese babies with more scientific research results.

The company's breast milk research is of great significance for understanding the nutrient composition and content ratio of breast milk, and for optimizing and innovative infant formula. The nutrient composition and content ratio of milk powder products are also constantly approaching breast milk. Therefore, in the present and future of the milk powder market, breast milk research is the focus of enterprises, helping enterprises to remain invincible in the market reshuffle.