The influence of four seasons on baby's skin

Different seasons have different effects on the baby's skin. Understand the key points of the influence of the four festivals on your baby, and you can better take care of your baby in the corresponding season.

1. Spring

Chickenpox is acute and highly contagious. Once the virus has not been eradicated, it will be lurking in the body, which is extremely dangerous. Therefore, in spring, it is very important for the baby's skin health to prevent the baby from getting chickenpox. If your baby is infected with chickenpox, you must first isolate, take care of it, ensure daily hygiene and cleanliness, and pay attention to whether there are complications at all times. Once you find it, you should seek medical attention and consult a doctor in time.


2. Summer

In summer, the temperature is high and the humidity is high, and it will be bitten by mosquitoes and ultraviolet radiation, which will cause damage to the baby's skin. This season is mainly to prevent various dermatitis and other skin diseases caused by prickly heat and insect bites. The most important thing is to ensure that your baby's skin is dry and change clothes frequently. It is best to choose cotton clothes and maintain a proper indoor temperature. Do not rely on air conditioning too much. If your baby has a rash or other abnormal symptoms, you must consult a doctor first and remember to apply medicine without authorization.

3. Autumn

The temperature changes frequently in autumn. For babies with weakened immunity, the most important thing is to prevent the invasion of bacteria and viruses. Otherwise, it is easy to be infected with measles, hand-foot-mouth disease, rubella and other diseases. Therefore, parents must first understand the symptoms of these common skin diseases, and be able to accurately identify and deal with them in a timely and effective manner.

4. Winter

In winter, the weather is dry and cold. The biggest problem with your baby's skin is that it becomes rough and chapped. In addition, the cold weather makes blood circulation poor. If babies don’t pay attention to keeping warm hands and feet, frostbite will appear. If the treatment is not timely, frostbite will pus and crack, leading to infection problems. Therefore, parents should change the baby's diet in winter, eat more high-fat foods, and supplement enough VA and VD.

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