The most important questions and answers about the electric breast pump comparison

How do I clean an Electric Breast Pump?

You should rinse and dry the devices thoroughly every time you have used them. To avoid any form of contamination, you should boil the breast pump regularly.

Fortunately, the manufacturers have often made sure that there are no particularly tricky corners and that the tubes do not come into contact with the milk. This makes cleaning easier, which the manufacturer also explains in detail in the operating instructions.

Electric breast pump - how long do I have to pump?

That depends entirely on you, because your individual milk flow influences the pumping time. In addition, of course, how much milk is available plays an important role and the duration of pumping is extended accordingly.

Which electric breast pump is the best?

The answer to this question also depends on your needs. Your breast pump should feel as good as possible against your breast and be easy to use. Choose accessories that make your everyday life easier and use the information from our comparison to determine your personal favorites.

How does an electric breast pump work?

What are the important criteria for buying a breast pump?