The nutritional value of egg yolk puree

It is a moderately soft, slightly salty food, mainly made of eggs, refined salt, and water. It is very suitable for babies. It has high nutritional value and can meet the brain's nutritional needs. In addition, it can also supplement the iron needed by the body in real time for babies.

The nutritional value of egg yolk puree

1. Rich in high-quality fat and protein

The egg yolk contains several essential elements required by the human body: water, fat, protein and minerals, which can provide adequate nutrition for the baby.

2. Rich in various vitamins

The egg yolk contains many nutrients necessary for baby's growth and development. For example, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin E, etc., these substances can meet the baby's nutritional needs.

3. Eat more to replenish iron and blood

When the baby is half a year old, the iron element brought out from the mother is basically exhausted. Therefore, if the child is not given iron supplementation at this time, then he is likely to have anemia. The egg yolk is rich in iron. Eating more can not only replenish the blood, but also benefit the baby's development.

4. Contains high-quality fatty acids

Egg yolk also contains insoluble fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients, which are very beneficial to the child's physical development.

5. Rich in lecithin

It is a relatively rich substance in egg yolk, which can assist in the synthesis of acetylcholine (which is an essential neurotransmitter for the human body).

6. Pay attention to control your food intake

If the baby eats too much egg yolk at a time, it will not be absorbed, so it is recommended that one egg per day is sufficient to ensure the absorption rate of nutrients.

How to make egg yolk puree

The egg yolk paste is rich in nutrients and has a good taste. It can help the baby's healthy development. The key method is still very simple. Mothers can choose to make it for their children at any time.

Ingredients: egg yolk.


1. Put the egg into a pot filled with water and cook, then peel it off, and take out the egg yolk.

2. Use a spoon and other utensils to pound the egg yolk into a paste, and add a little water and mix well.

3. If there is a need, you can also add milk, vegetable soup, etc. according to the baby's preference.

How to eat: The baby can eat this food only after six months. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are ok, and you can eat it as a snack if you need it.

TIPS: Egg yolk paste is rich in nutrition and has a good taste. After the baby eats it, it can also add iron. Moms can often make it for their children.

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