The verification of the aseptic effect of the autoclave is an issue that must be paid attention to

High-pressure steam sterilizer is a device that uses saturated pressure steam to quickly and reliably disinfect and sterilize items. It is suitable for medical and health, scientific research, agriculture and other units. High-pressure steam sterilizers are divided into portable high-pressure steam sterilizers, vertical high-pressure steam sterilizers, horizontal high-pressure steam sterilizers, etc. according to their style and size. It can sterilize medical equipment, dressings, glassware, solution culture medium, etc.

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Before putting the sterilized instruments, please clean them before putting the autoclaved steam sterilized instruments into the sterilizer to avoid the residual substances on the sterilized instruments from harming the sterilizer itself and the sterilized instruments . For example: blood stains and other impurities. We have developed a specific cleaning plan for your reference:

1) For instruments that need to be sterilized after use, you should immediately clean the residue attached to the sterilized instruments. It is recommended that you use a washing machine, decontamination agent and distilled water to clean the sterilized instruments.

2) After cleaning, it is recommended to rinse it again with clean water to ensure its cleanliness.

3) Sterilization of test tubes, glass bottles, etc. should be placed vertically with the opening downwards to facilitate the replacement of cold air and saturated steam.

4) Once a month, place a biological spore detection indicator in the load to detect the sterilization effect.

6) The instruments that need to be wrapped during sterilization should use packaging materials with good air permeability, such as sterilization bags, sterilization paper, and tissue fabrics.

7) For sterilization of test tubes, glass bottles, etc., the opening should be placed vertically downward to facilitate the discharge of air and the entry of steam.

High pressure steam sterilizer is a forced inspection instrument, but the forced inspection is only an assessment of the physical parameters of the instrument. Therefore, sterilizers that have undergone strong inspection must also be verified for sterilization effects. Some units often overlook this important issue. The hand-held sterilizers on the market in China often reach the required temperature with the pointer of the instrument, but the actual temperature of the sterilized items does not meet the requirements. Lead to incomplete sterilization of items, which affects the results of the experiment. Incomplete sterilization of the culture medium affects the use of the culture medium and the judgment of the results. Therefore, the verification of the aseptic effect of the autoclave is an issue that must be paid attention to.