Therapeutic method of baby molars

Is the baby grinds his teeth because there are worms in his belly?

Worms in the baby’s belly may indeed cause teeth grinding. This is because when the baby’s intestines have roundworms, the toxins secreted by the roundworms may cause irritation to the intestinal tract, causing the baby’s intestinal peristalsis to accelerate, causing indigestion, Symptoms of pain around the baby’s belly button and restless sleep.

When the toxin produced by roundworms stimulates the baby's nerves, it can cause the baby's nerves to become excited and cause the symptoms of teeth grinding.

In addition to roundworms, pinworms are also an intestinal parasite that causes teeth grinding in babies. It can also secrete toxins in the baby's body, which on the one hand causes itching in the baby's anus, on the other hand it affects the baby's sleep and causes teeth grinding.

It can be seen that when there are worms in the baby's belly, it may cause teeth grinding. But this does not mean that worms in the belly are the only reason why babies grind their teeth. Therefore, mothers should not give babies anti-worm medicine because they grind their teeth.

Therapeutic method of baby molars

Xuanfeng Tang

Ingredients needed: 15g betel nut, 15g tangerine peel each, 30g black morning glory, 15g roasted licorice

Production steps:

1) Stir-fry the black petunias and take the end of the head for later use;

2) The black morning glory seed head and other medicinal materials are jointly researched into fine powder;

3) Take 2-3g of mixed powder and honey to adjust the water.

The honey in Xuanfeng soup can be prepared according to personal taste. In addition, honey should be prepared with warm water instead of hot water. You can let your baby drink it on an empty stomach.

Fresh wolfberry vegetable soup

Ingredients needed: 500g fresh wolfberry vegetables, 20 daylily roots, 2 candied dates, and 1 pork pancreas.

Production steps:

1) Wash the daylily and remove the stalks for later use;

2) Add the fresh wolfberry vegetables to the soup pot and boil until the water boils;

3) Add day lily, candied dates, and pig pancreas to a simmer.

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