Things to pay attention to when taking a one-and-a-half year old baby out

When the baby reaches one and a half years old, parents will increase the number of times they take their children out. Therefore, when taking children out, parents need to prepare in advance, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Travel tools

The most important thing to take your baby out is to solve the problem of getting on the road. Therefore, a portable stroller or baby carrier is particularly important. These tools can greatly reduce the burden on parents.

Baby Carrier Wrap

(1) Back-type baby carrier.

(2) Lightweight folding strollers that can be placed in the trunk or carried on the plane.

(3) Baby safety seat.

(4) A diaper bag or a backpack that can hold the children's necessities.

(5) Extra washable clothes for children and clean T-shirts for adults.

2. Food

Water and food are necessary for the baby to go out. Parents can prepare some fruits and snacks in bags to prevent the baby from getting hungry on the road. And food can also be used to divert the child's attention on the road to prevent the baby from becoming anxious and impatient on the road.

3. Toys, books, etc.

When going out, parents can also prepare some toys or books that their children usually like, so that the children can also do something on the trip.

4. Medications and daily necessities

Some common medicines and children's protective equipment also need parents to consider.

(1) Bring some painkillers recommended by the doctor, such as anti-fever medicine.

(2) Bring your child a hat and sunglasses, blankets and pillows when sleeping.

(3) Install detachable sun-shading items on the car to prevent direct sunlight from shining on the child's skin and eyes.

The most important thing about taking your children out is to make preparations. When you have everything ready, going out is not a big deal.