This is how you give your baby a wonderful massage

A baby massage is not only wonderful for your baby, it also does wonders for your bond. Because did you know that stroking and conscious touching are ideal for getting to know your baby? You don't need much for such a wonderful we-moment: discover some tips here to make it pure quality time.

1. Use a nice oil

You are already completely in love with that rosy baby skin. And massaging with a soft almond oil makes your little one even more cuddly to cuddle. Always pour the massage oil in a bowl, so that you can easily take it with one hand.

2. Make it nice and warm

Your massage has a lot going on, but your baby (except for a diaper) does not. So relax together in a heated room at 25°C. Provide peace of mind with a subdued light. And really make it a moment for the two of you alone.

3. Choose a nice moment

Do you enjoy relaxing after a warm bath and then snuggling up under the wool? Well, your baby too! So preferably massage your baby after his bath, then put on his pajamas and give him his bottle. Never give a massage just after a meal.

4. Be completely zen yourself

Do you come home tense after a busy day? Then relax yourself before you start the massage. Your baby will enjoy it more if you are relaxed too. And vice versa, you will become zen through the contact with your little one. A nice win-win!

5. Make sure your hands are super soft

First wash your hands, keep your nails short and take off your rings and jewelry. You massage your baby as naturally as possible: with bare and warm hands.

6. Find a comfy position

Your baby on the nursing pillow, a warm bath cape at hand and you on a soft surface, with your back against the wall for example. Sit comfortably and the massage will still be so successful.