Types of baby carriers

If you are traveling with your baby, you can indeed place your child in a stroller or car seat, but many parents are increasingly preferring a relaxed and comfortable baby carrier. The baby carrier can keep your baby close to your body while freeing your hands, which is another great benefit for you and your baby. You can move easily, walk through crowded streets, and change your child's diaper while he is asleep or resting. Here is an introduction to the types of baby carriers.

Comfortable Baby Carrier

1. Front baby carrier

The front baby carrier is generally composed of two shoulder straps, and then forms a fabric seat. The baby carrier will keep the baby close to the mother's chest. In the beginning, the newborn can face the mother. Once the baby can control the head and sit up well, at about 5-6 months, you can rotate the baby 180 degrees, and finally the back is close to your chest. Part of the front baby carrier is put on from behind, this kind of carrier can make the mother feel more comfortable when the baby gets heavier. One disadvantage of the front baby carrier is that some mothers find it difficult to breastfeed. In addition, the front baby carrier can make mothers feel bloated.

2. Wrapped towel

Wrap tight refers to a large piece of fabric that spans the shoulders. Wraps are popular because they are omnipotent. You can use it in any kind of harness, like slings. Wraps can make breastfeeding easier. One disadvantage of the wrap is that it takes more time to wrap it up, and it is troublesome to take it off. If you want to carry a larger child, then this kind of strap is not as comfortable as the front type.