Ultraviolet lamp baby children's clothing disinfection

With the continuous progress of the times, people's hygiene concepts have also been continuously strengthened, and everyone hopes to have a healthy home. Especially the newborn room. It is recommended to use ultraviolet light to disinfect the room of newborns. Be careful not to get it on the human body. You can also use Xinjieerjie to disinfect. So what about UV lamp disinfection of baby children's clothing? How should children's clothing be disinfected?

When the ultraviolet lamp is irradiated, no one can stay indoors for a long time, otherwise it will cause damage to the eyes and bare skin. Therefore, when the kindergarten's ultraviolet light is turned on, the children must leave the irradiated environment.

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are mainly used for sterilization and disinfection of water and air. The ultraviolet C (UVC) generated by the ultraviolet germicidal lamps irradiates the water flow. When bacteria, viruses, algae, etc. in the water are irradiated with a certain dose of UVC (wavelength 254nm), the The DNA and RNA structure of the cell is destroyed, the cell cannot be regenerated, and the bacteria and virus lose the ability to replicate themselves, thereby achieving the purpose of sterilization.

The germicidal effect of ultraviolet germicidal lamps: ultraviolet rays belong to the broad-spectrum germicidal category, which can kill all microorganisms, including bacteria, tuberculosis, viruses, spores and fungi.

In summary, it is possible to disinfect baby children's clothing with ultraviolet light, but pay attention to the method.

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