Weaning is the first step for a baby to truly become independent

When it comes to weaning, many mothers have the same question: when will they be weaned? How to break? What to pay attention to? To sum up, what mothers are asking about is the timing, method and how to avoid misunderstandings.

When it comes to weaning timing, there really is no fixed time point. The United States, Australia and other developed countries recommend breastfeeding to be at least 1 year old or older. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding to 2 years or older. It can be seen that when weaning is determined by the actual situation of you and your baby. In fact, you may not have to worry about this problem, because some babies will wean naturally. This situation generally occurs after supplementary food is added, and the baby slowly likes other foods, and may not like breast milk, so as to achieve natural weaning. This is of course the best, indicating that the baby enjoys this process very much, and the mother will not have too much psychological burden.

Like the timing of weaning, the choice of weaning method varies from person to person, but some basic principles are common.

①Choose the right opportunity

To wean your baby, we must first choose the right opportunity. Some mothers may think that the baby's half-year-old is the right opportunity, because at this time the baby has already started to add complementary foods, and the mother is also ready to return to the workplace, and weaning is just right. But in fact, if the mother has enough milk and the baby is willing to eat, it is recommended to continue breastfeeding and use a Electric Breast Pump. When the baby has no nutritional demand for breast milk, and no emotional dependence, it is a suitable weaning opportunity.

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But at the same time, mothers must also be aware of inappropriate weaning opportunities. For example, when the baby is teething, allergic or sick, weaning is not recommended. Because if the baby is uncomfortable, the appetite may become poor and the nutrition cannot keep up. At this time, it is still necessary to rely on breast milk to maintain nutrition. In addition, if the baby's environment is changing, weaning is not recommended. It is best to wait until the TA adapts to the new environment, such as moving house or just entering the kindergarten.

②Do a good job of psychological construction

The baby has a deep and unique memory of breast milk from the first bite of breast milk. For him, breast milk is not only food, but also the intimate bond between him and his mother. If he is weaned unexpectedly, he will lose his sense of security and cry. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of psychological construction for the TA in advance. For example, give him more hugs, touches and kisses, so that he can get comfort and sustenance, reduce dependence on breast milk, and gradually accept the process of weaning.

For mothers, psychological construction is also indispensable. According to our experience, when weaning the baby, the mother will feel reluctant and disappointed. In fact, you might as well think about it from another angle. Weaning does not mean that you are alienated. You can still play with him and grow with him. More importantly, this is the inevitable process for TA to become an independent individual, from relying on the uterus for survival, to relying on breast milk to supplement nutrition, and then to the real "melon ripening" in the true sense. It can be said that weaning represents a milestone step for the baby to grow independently. Its significance is no less than full moon, half year old, learning to walk, etc. You should be proud of him. May wish to record this emotion as a testimony of the baby's growth.

③Do a good job of nutrition connection

With the right opportunity and psychological preparation, the weaning process will be relatively smoother. At this time, the focus is to ensure that nutrition can keep up. Therefore, nutrition should be connected. For babies weaned between 7-12 months old, supplementary food and formula milk can be added to adjust their nutrition; for babies weaned after 1 year old, the diet pattern is similar to that of adults. On the basis of ensuring three meals a day, 500ml of milk per day Products are fine, including formula milk, pure milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.

According to the above three principles, you can reduce the probability of making mistakes at weaning, but you should avoid rough weaning to avoid leaving a psychological shadow on your baby.

The first thing that cannot be done is to apply cooling oil, coptis and other things on the breasts to wean. This will not only harm the baby’s oral mucosa, but also make him feel fear and anxiety, and even develop abnormal behaviors such as sucking fingers and chewing on the quilt.

Secondly, don't delay repeatedly. If you decide to wean, it’s best to stick to it all the time. It will only delay the time of weaning and make “short pain” become “long pain”, which is even worse for your baby.

The last and most important point is not to be impatient. Weaning can be as short as a few days or as long as several months. If the weaning is too urgent, both the mother and the baby are not prepared, and the body and mind will be more tormented.