What are some good portable breast warmers?

In winter, if you can have a bottle warmer, it can be of great use. Because the foamed milk powder is not evenly heated, it is easy to cause diarrhea in the baby. So you need to buy a milk warmer to keep the milk warm. So, what is a good Portable bottle warmer? Follow the editor to take a look at the little secrets about the breast warmer!

1. Philips Avent new breast warmer

Brand introduction: AVENT, a well-known brand from the UK, was born in the UK in 1984. After 20 years of continuous innovation, it has grown into the world's number one brand of maternal and child products. With 60% of the local market share in the UK, it has become a trusted brand in the maternal and infant industry in more than 70 countries around the world, and its products have been exported to more than 60 countries. It has become the most famous maternal and child care brand in the world, and it is also available in European and American countries. Respected.

2. Beibei duck double bottle bottle warmer

Brand introduction: Beibei Ya is the leading brand of Shenzhen Yabeili Technology Co., Ltd. So far, "Bei Bei Duck" has covered eight categories and dozens of products including feeding supplies, disinfection supplies, breastfeeding supplies, daily care, measurement supplies, educational supplies, and safety supplies.

3. Pigeon breast warmer, give your baby better care

Since its founding in 1957, the international maternal and child products expert Pigeon has gone through more than 60 years of development. Pigeon adheres to the brand concept of "Only a heart full of love can nurture caring products and services", and actively devotes itself to the research and development and production of maternal and infant products, and integrates the love for mothers and babies into products and services through a wide range of products. Among them, it brings joy and happiness to children and families all over the world.

The baby is relatively small and the body is in the developmental stage. It is necessary to control a more suitable temperature in the diet, and the breast warmer is a very good helper, which can keep warm, heat and so on. It can be used by small babies and the elderly.

Milk Cyan Portable Bottle Warmer Bottle Sterilizer 6-in-1

How to heat breast milk without a bottle warmer

1. Water-permeable heat method: If breast milk is refrigerated, soak the breast milk container in warm water to allow breast milk to absorb heat from the water. When soaking, shake the container from time to time to heat the breast milk evenly. In the case of frozen breast milk, the breast milk can be thawed in cold water and then heated like frozen breast milk. Pay attention to heating the breast milk before giving it to your baby to avoid causing diarrhea.

2. Constant temperature milk regulator: you can choose to buy a constant temperature milk regulator to use, set the temperature, you can heat breast milk in time. It should be noted that if it is frozen breast milk, there may be two layers of upper and lower layers. Parents do not need to worry, this is normal. Just shake it gently before breastfeeding your baby.

If the mother works in a company, because the company does not have refrigeration equipment, breast milk can only be stored at room temperature. Breast milk is stored for a short time at room temperature. Mothers should pay attention to the storage time of breast milk bottles to avoid the occurrence of digestive tract diseases caused by babies drinking expired breast milk. Therefore, you must pay more attention to observation when feeding your baby.