What are the benefits of wearing underwear for babies?

Babies almost always wear diapers before the age of two, so should they wear underwear during toilet training? What are the benefits of wearing underwear? Read the full text.

Generally speaking, when the child is 2 or 3 years old, the mother should prepare the child to wear underwear. What are the benefits of wearing underwear for babies?

1. Protect the skin of private parts

Many young mothers like to dress up their children and wear some fancy and trendy clothes for their babies, but this kind of clothes is hard and uncomfortable to the touch. If the children don’t wear underwear, they will damage the private parts of the baby. Wearing an extra pair of underwear can isolate the friction between the baby’s private parts and the pants for protection.

2. Clean and hygienic

Babies like to mess around on the ground. There are a lot of bacteria on the ground. If they don’t wear underwear, they will easily get the bacteria. Moreover, whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, their private parts are particularly sensitive and delicate, and they are easily infected with bacteria. The baby wears underwear, just like a protective cover, which can prevent bacteria from entering the baby's private parts and keep the baby's private parts clean and hygienic.

3. Protect the body

Baby wearing underwear can protect the baby's abdomen, especially during autumn and winter, the child's abdomen is easy to get cold. Wearing underwear will protect the baby and prevent cold.

4. Conducive to toilet training

The child has been trained to go to the toilet when he is 2 years old. The mother can let the child wear a pair of underwear to let the child know not to get the underwear dirty.

5. Help cultivate gender awareness

Letting the baby wear underwear helps the child distinguish whether he is a boy or a girl, because there is a difference between the underwear of a boy and a girl, and wearing underwear can let the child know the difference between men and women and enhance gender awareness.

How to choose underwear?

1. In terms of size, be sure to choose the right size, and don't buy one that is one size larger. This is a mistake that mothers often make.

2. In terms of material, mothers must try their best to buy pure cotton underwear, because pure cotton underwear has a soft texture, good water absorption, and will not damage the child's skin, and the baby is also very comfortable to wear.

3. In terms of style and color, you can choose the style your child likes, and pay attention to the color as much as possible to choose a lighter color.

In summary, when the baby is undergoing toilet training, he can start wearing underwear. If the baby's underwear is more repulsive, you can choose some patterns that your child likes to make your child feel fresh. No longer repel.