What are the criteria for choosing milk powder?

After the baby is born, what kind of feeding method to choose is a headache for many mothers. Some mothers recommend exclusive breastfeeding, and some experienced mothers say that even if breast milk is sufficient, it is best to allow the baby to adapt to the milk powder, so that the baby will not be overwhelmed at the time of weaning. Let’s take a look at the criteria for choosing milk powder. Bar?

First: The formula milk powder that is closer to breast milk composition is better. At present, most formula milk powders on the market are close to breast milk ingredients, but differ in individual ingredients and quantities. As the baby grows up, the requirements for various nutrients are also different. What ingredients should be added at what stage, how much should be added, and what is the ratio of the ingredients, etc., all require experts to prepare strictly in accordance with the regulations. Therefore, when choosing milk powder, it is best to choose a manufacturer that specializes in formulating infant milk powder. In the following article, we will describe in detail the main nutritional ingredients of formula milk powder, and mothers can make appropriate choices based on these ingredients.

Second: The baby has the most right to speak. Only milk powder suitable for babies is a good milk powder. , No matter how popular the milk powder brand, no matter how high the price, no matter how exquisite the packaging is, it can’t compare to the health of a baby. Milk powder suitable for babies will not cause diarrhea, allergies and constipation, the baby likes to drink, the normal growth of weight and height and other indicators, the baby's appetite is normal, the sleep is fragrant, and the baby has no breath, less eye feces, and no rash. This kind of milk powder is really suitable for babies.

Third: pay attention to the source of milk. Since the basic powder of formula milk powder is extracted from milk, the quality of the milk source is very important. The health of the cow directly affects the quality of the milk source. It is recommended that mothers know the source of the milk source when choosing milk powder. Cows that come from the prairie and grow in a good environment are the best source of milk.

Fourth: The most expensive is not the best. In the infant market, price and quality are often not directly proportional, and some manufacturers will deliberately speculate on prices using their mothers’ consumption mentality. The ordinary milk powder of small domestic companies can sell more than 200 300 cans, while the well-known milk powder abroad may also be less than 200. In fact, from the perspective of milk powder formula, the nutritional content of milk powder is almost the same, and the price of similar products is not The difference is too big. Generally speaking, the price of imported milk powder is relatively more expensive because of import tariffs and transportation fees. Mothers should not be influenced by the price.

Fifth: Don't be blindfolded by the brand. It is also an imported brand, and there are huge differences in raw materials, technology, and production standards in different origins, original and sub-packaged! Especially the ratio between the mainland and the original imported one is very different. Don’t be led by the nose by advertisements. Generally, the louder the advertisement, the higher the false price. After all, the advertising fee is also a large investment.