What are the different types of sterilizers?

You can find different categories of bottle sterilizers on the market, each with its own operating modes. There are 4 different models that you can choose from.

First, there is the electric steam sterilizer that plugs into an AC outlet. Afterwards, it has a steam system that eliminates bacteria. In fact, you have to introduce your power supply accessories into the device. Then you have to start the sterilization cycle. As a result, the device produces natural steam which envelops the bottles and accessories. In this way, she disinfects them.

Then the electric water bath sterilizer performs two functions at the same time. Bottles submerged in boiling water are sterilized. This system destroys bacteria. But at the same time, you can also heat baby bottles and baby food at the same time.

Then, the microwave steam sterilizer has a pan and a cover. You must place the bottles and other accessories in the container and add water. There is a dose to be respected depending on the material. Close the container with the lid and put everything in the microwave for a defined period of time. The microwave produces steam which will enter the tank and sterilize the bottles.

Finally, you have a 2-in-1 model that is both a sterilizer and a bottle sterilizer. So you can sterilize your utensils first and then heat the bottle with the same device. This is a smart purchase to avoid investing in two different pieces of equipment.