What are the health standards for newborn babies?

Do you know whether the newborn baby is healthy? From what aspects can we see the health of the baby, and according to the health standards of the newborn baby, after the research of the parenting experts, we can understand the baby’s condition from these ten aspects, only reference!

1. After the newborn is born, cry a few times, and then begin to breathe with the lungs. Breath 40-50 times per minute for the first two weeks.

2. The neonatal pulse is normal at 120-140 beats per minute.

3. The normal weight of newborns is 3000-4000 grams, and those less than 2500 grams are immature.

4. In the first two days of the newborn, the stools were black and green viscous flutes, odorless. It gradually turns yellow (golden or light yellow) after feeding.

5. Newborns begin to urinate within 24 hours after birth. If they urinate more than or exceed 30 times a day in the first week, it is abnormal.

6. The newborn's body temperature is normal between 37-37.5℃. If you don't pay attention to keeping warm, your body temperature will drop below 36°C.

7. The skin of most newborns is slightly yellow on the first 2-3 days after birth. If the jaundice does not go away or deepens after birth, it will become pathological.

8. Newborns have reflexes such as searching for food, sucking, sticking out tongue, swallowing and hugging after birth.

9. Exposing light to newborns can cause eye reflections. Starting from the second month, the line of sight will follow the active toys.

10, 3-7 days after birth, the hearing of newborns gradually increases, and hearing sounds can cause blinking and other actions.