What are the main reasons why babies cannot sleep well at night?

The baby is not sleeping well at night

(1) Physiological factors: due to the imperfect development of the nervous system of infants and young children, the nervous excitation and inhibition functions are not coordinated enough, and they are easy to excite. A slight external stimulation may cause the nervous system to excite and cause the baby to wake up. This is a normal Physiological phenomenon, as the baby grows up and the function of the nervous system is perfected step by step, this physiological phenomenon will naturally disappear.

(2) Too much food: As the saying goes: "Stomach is upset, sleep restless". Regardless of whether the child is hungry or not, some mothers always give a snack before going to bed, which makes the child feel uncomfortable and affects the quality of sleep; especially for breast-feeding babies, some mothers are accustomed to feeding breast milk with the baby to sleep, which causes the child to fall asleep If you eat too much milk, the abdominal distension is easy to wake up. After waking up, the young mother immediately uses milk to soothe her, resulting in a vicious circle.

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(3) Disease factors: Intestinal parasitic disease in children is the most common cause of unstable sleep in children. If the child suffers from parasitic diseases, it can cause indigestion and nutritional deficiencies, anemia, easy convulsion and other symptoms. Children with early rickets often sleep and wake up easily.

(4) Environmental factors: When the child is sleeping, the indoor light is too strong, and family members watching TV and talking loudly and laughing will interfere with the child’s normal sleep and are easy to wake up; the child is easy to kick the quilt at night, or the quilt is too thick and too heavy. This will cause the child to be too cold or too hot to sleep, causing irritability and movement of the hands and feet of the child. This is also a common cause of easy awakening during sleep.

(5) Excessive excitement: Some children play excessive games during the day or before going to bed, or listen to or watch thrilling stories and TV. It can often make it difficult for children to fall asleep; even if they fall asleep, children with better and faster intellectual development will "think day by day and dream at night", and children can often wake up in dreams.