What are the symptoms of early pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is not difficult to find that there will be many symptoms. Of course, these symptoms may not all happen to pregnant mothers, after all, the human body is different. But this is what most pregnant mothers will appear!

1. Menopause

The aunt, who has been here for more than 20 years, can finally disappear during pregnancy. Perhaps many mothers are very happy. But I have to say that this is indeed an obvious symptom. Generally, after sex, if it is delayed for 2 weeks according to the law, it is most likely to be pregnant.

2. Nausea and vomiting

Many mothers will have such symptoms, but a small part of them will proudly say that I don't have it, and it is normal. If morning sickness occurs, it usually occurs after one month of pregnancy. When such symptoms occur, the pregnant mother's stomach is quite uncomfortable, and family members should provide timely comfort and relief.

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3. Breast from A to D

After pregnancy, because the estrogen in the body begins to become different, you will obviously feel breast tenderness, and you will also find that your previous BRA is no longer suitable. At this time, you will find a feeling of tenderness in the breast. It's all signs of pregnancy. Generally, after 3 months of pregnancy, it will gradually get better, and this kind of pain will not be so strong.

4. Sensitive to smell

If you are a very particular pregnant mother, at this time, you will find yourself uncomfortable with the fume of cooking, the taste of tea, etc., and you will feel hypocritical. These smells can exacerbate your morning sickness.

5. Get tired easily

Some female friends become tired easily or even exhausted in the early stages of pregnancy. There is usually no fixed cause, but the rapidly increasing progesterone levels may be the "culprit."

6. Frequent urination

During pregnancy, the blood in the body will increase, or the amount of other fluids will increase, and the gradual enlargement of the uterus will compress the excreted bladder, so the symptoms of frequent urination will appear at this time.

Therefore, knowing exactly what symptoms are in the early stages of pregnancy can help you quickly determine whether you are pregnant or not.

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