What can the intelligent maternal and infant room bring to the maternal and infant industry?

This is the first time that Beierxing participated in the CBME exhibition, and it was also the first appearance of the 3.0 version of Beierxing's mobile mother and baby room.

For participating in CBME 2021, Mr. Tan, the founder of Beierxing, said:

Firstly, through 5 years of development, the Beierxing Smart mother and baby room has matured. This is our first appearance with Beierxing 3.0 version. The mobile capability of Belline's smart mother and baby room has been iterated to 3.0, which can be output in an overall modular structure. The integrated system will be all concentrated in the entire mother and baby room hardware and transported to the site as a whole, and the assembly speed will be faster. Electric Breast Pump.

Second, Beierhang is headquartered in Guangzhou and has a strong market share in southern China. China has a vast territory, and the portraits and needs of maternal and child consumers and parent-child consumers are also very different. The thousands of people in new retail make them need more precise services.

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Thirdly, we hope that more brands in East China, as well as the national and international brands will be able to speak out and cooperate with the brand to create the highest standard of smart maternity and baby room in China, and provide the brand with an accurate consumer trial experience platform. For customers who need to purchase mother and baby rooms, a variety of smart mobile mother and baby rooms are provided. Through the establishment of smart mobile mother and baby rooms, the owners can provide better services for the travel of maternal and infant groups.

Beierxing hopes to find more partners who are interested in jointly building a smart maternal and child travel service platform, including brand owners and service providers, including various scenarios with similar precise users such as parent-child hotels, nanny cars, education companies, etc. , Through the establishment of smart mobile mother and baby rooms, to create a high-quality travel platform to provide better services for mothers, infants and parents.