What harm does the newborn baby's frequent hiccups cause?

Someone asked on the Internet, what is the harm caused by frequent hiccups in newborn babies? Although newborn babies will have hiccups, in general, when the baby is hiccuping, some mothers will pat their backs or let the baby eat milk or drink some water. To reduce hiccups, under what circumstances will the baby cause hiccups, and what happens if there are frequent hiccups? Let's discuss it together.

A doctor once said that if a newborn baby catches a cold outside, it will cause the cold and heat to go against the wind, just like we usually say drinking cold wind and induce hiccups, so we, as parents, need to carefully observe whether it is a cold. Discomfort is caused. Of course, when the baby is breastfeeding or eating some raw cold milk, it will weaken the function of the spleen and stomach and cause hiccups.

Although hiccups in newborn babies are a common phenomenon, parents and parents do not need to be nervous, nor do they need special treatment, and it is not harmful, but if hiccups are frequent and last for a long time, your first consideration is whether it is indigestion. At this time, mothers should pay attention to the baby’s feeding method. Don’t feed the baby for too long to avoid the baby swallowing too much air and cause hiccups. In addition, you need to pay attention to holding the baby upright after each feeding, so that it is easy to eliminate from the stomach. Air will also reduce hiccups.

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