What is good if you don’t have enough breast milk?

Some pregnant women have insufficient milk after childbirth, and the baby cannot eat enough milk, which has a great impact on the child's development. How to promote breastfeeding quickly is the most important issue for many mothers. Mothernet encyclopedia has collected several foods that help mothers to breastfeed, and help mothers get breastfeeding quickly!

1. Black sesame

Black sesame has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing essence and blood, and moistening the dryness of the intestines. "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" lists black sesame seeds as the top grade, which is considered to "mainly hurt the middle, deficiencies, nourish the five internal, nourish vitality, grow muscles, fill the brain", "long service, light body and not old". "Preparation of Materia Medica" claims that it can "tonify the liver and kidney, moisturize the five internal organs, and smooth the intestines", "bright eyes and eyes, black hair, intestines and small intestines, and eliminate rheumatism."

Modern pharmacological research shows that black sesame contains a lot of fat and protein, as well as nutrients such as sugars, vitamin a, vitamin e, lecithin, calcium, iron, and chromium.

The various essential amino acids contained in black sesame seeds can accelerate the body’s metabolic function with the participation of vitamin e and vitamin b1; the iron and vitamin e in black sesame seeds are important components for preventing anemia, activating brain cells, and eliminating cholesterol in blood vessels. The fat contained in black sesame is mostly unsaturated fatty acids, which has the effect of prolonging life; the lecithin contained in black sesame is one of the components in the bile. If the cholesterol in the bile is too high and the bile acid and lecithin in the bile Imbalanced proportions will deposit and form gallstones. Lecithin can break down and lower cholesterol, so lecithin can prevent the formation of gallstones. There is a magic way to promote lactation.

Insufficiency of liver and kidney, dizziness due to deficiency of wind, tinnitus, headache, constipation, weakness after illness, premature whitening of beard, numbness of blood deficiency and wind numbness, lack of milk in women, etc., if you often eat black sesame seeds, it is of great benefit.

2. Peanuts

Peanuts can be used for spleen-deficiency nausea, edema, vaginal discharge in women, anemia and various hemorrhagic diseases, dry coughs, dry coughs and chronic coughs, postpartum lactation and other diseases. In addition to promoting lactation, peanuts have other effects: peanuts are rich in fats, and various amino acids required for human life activities, and are easily digested and absorbed by the human body. Regular eating has the effect of nourishing, strengthening and prolonging life. Peanuts contain vitamin e that can resist aging, and vitamin b1 can nourish nerve fibers. The calcium and iron contained in peanuts are very beneficial to children, pregnant women and parturients.

Peanut coat has anti-fibrinolysis, increases platelet content and improves its function, strengthens capillary contraction function, improves clotting factor defects, etc., and contains a small amount of cellulose, has a good hemostatic effect, can accelerate the regression of hematoma, and can be used internally and externally Various hemorrhagic diseases, including hemophilia, thrombocytopenic purpura, functional uterine bleeding, etc. The oil contained in peanuts is mostly unsaturated fatty acids, which can lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Lecithin in peanuts can delay the decline of brain function and prevent thrombosis.

3. loofah

Loofah is a kind of Chinese medicinal material, also known as loofah net, loofah shell, melon net, loofah tendons, etc. It is picked after the loofah matures and becomes yellow and dry, removes the skin, pulp, and seeds, washes and drys it, that is, loofah Network. Loofahs are mostly long prismatic or long cylindrical, and are made of interwoven filaments. Loofah is sweet in taste and cold in nature. It has the functions of clearing the meridians and cooling blood and detoxification, and can cure Qi and blood blockage and obstruction of the meridians. There are coups to promote lactation. If there is inflammation of the breast, there are lumps in the milk, and the secretion of milk is not smooth, the traditional Chinese medicine doctor will suggest that the loofah is stewed in the broth, which can regulate the breast blood, promote lactation and appetite and reduce phlegm. effect. Some parturients simmered loofah with crucian carp, trotters, and kidneys, and found that the milk secreted vigorously after drinking. In fact, this is mainly due to the effect of the broth. Simply simmering the loofah soup will not achieve the effect of lactation. But if the loofah and broth are stewed, it can promote lactation. Experts suggest that if there is poor milk secretion and breast lumps, you can take the loofah under the guidance of Chinese medicine to clear the collaterals and promote lactation.

4. golden needle dish

Golden needles are also called day lilies, and other names such as day lilies, which are the flower buds on day lilies. It is a perennial wild herb with lump-shaped roots and likes to grow in sunny and humid places. The nutrient composition is very rich, every 100 grams of dry product contains 14.1 grams of protein, which is almost similar to animal meat. In addition, it also contains a lot of vitamins b1, b2, etc. Due to its rich nutrition, it has more therapeutic value. Chinese medicine believes that it is beneficial to dampness and heat, wide breasts, diuresis, hemostasis, and breast milk. It is very effective to stew lean pork with golden needles to prevent milk retention after childbirth.

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