What is the average cost of the child's first year?

We all know that children cost money. This starts from the moment you become pregnant. You have to set up a baby room, buy a stroller, etc., so you have to buy more things before giving birth. For these items alone, you usually have lost about $800. Fortunately, you can buy many second-hand or discounted items, but unfortunately, this does not apply to all items.

Baby care

Babies need a lot of care in the first year. For this type of care, you as a parent must purchase certain items. Think about food (bottles or breast pumps), diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, etc. As far as diapers are concerned, you usually need to consider an additional cost of $40 per month. Fortunately, there are often diaper discounts that can reduce costs to a certain extent. Even with more expensive brands, you can usually save money if you look around. There are regular Pampers discounts. Therefore, by paying close attention to the offers, you can already save a lot of money.

Baby Carrier Wrap

Clothing and other items

In addition to care products, you also have many items that you need to buy for your baby. For example, you must buy his/her own wardrobe for your child. And the baby grows fast, so you have to buy new clothes regularly. Fortunately, you can seek help from your family in the first month. Make a list of beautiful pregnant women and fill it with beautiful clothes. Or ask for a gift certificate from a baby store, so you can succeed there without having to pay a small fee or nothing yourself. Your gift card.

When your child gets older, you must also buy toys. Fortunately, you can also go to a thrift store or market to buy it. These are various ways to save money. If one of your friends has children of the same age, exchange your toys from time to time. This way your child will have something new without costing you or your girlfriend's money.

Are children expensive?

We can only say a resounding "yes". However, if you have children, you can also save money. Of course, you will do less things in the first year. Eating out or going out overnight now requires more organization expenses. And your vacation is usually much cheaper, because with the bay, you can go to the holiday park faster than roaming in Asia.

Fortunately, we also received compensation from the Dutch government (childcare allowance, child welfare, child-related budget), which made our costs slightly lower.

Although they cost a lot of money, they bring to your life something that money cannot buy: full of love! ! !