What is the big gap between the children's teeth

It is very common for teeth to have large gaps in the deciduous teeth stage, which is a normal phenomenon. Some interdental gaps will increase as the jaws grow.

However, when the surrounding teeth erupt and grow, the teeth will gradually come closer. Therefore, it is these interdental gaps that will facilitate the baby's future tooth replacement and prepare for it. Because the permanent teeth are much larger than the deciduous teeth, if the deciduous teeth are very straight and there are no gaps, the deciduous teeth will be arranged too tightly and crowded after the tooth replacement, resulting in uneven arrangement of the permanent teeth.

This phenomenon is also called physiological gap. The existence of these gaps is beneficial to the eruption of permanent teeth in the later stage. The permanent teeth are larger than the deciduous teeth and have enough gaps, so that the permanent teeth have enough space to grow and will not be crowded or uneven. This condition generally does not require treatment, just observe the permanent tooth growth.

Large gaps between teeth caused by abnormal conditions

1. The lip band is too low

This symptom can also cause a large gap between the front teeth of children. This phenomenon is caused by the child's embryonic development. Parents can take the child to the hospital to cut the attachment point of the labial band a little bit inward to get the correction.

2. Excessive small teeth or impacted deciduous teeth

This phenomenon can also cause large gaps between children's teeth and affect the arrangement of teeth. When this phenomenon occurs, parents should take their children to the hospital as soon as possible to remove the extraneous or deciduous teeth to ensure the normal eruption and development of permanent teeth.

3. The anterior teeth fall off and the permanent teeth are not fully erupted

This is an important factor that causes a large gap between children's teeth. In general, permanent teeth will shift to the position where there is no erupted tooth, but if good oral care and health care are done, the degree of displacement can be reduced, and the problem of too large tooth gap can be improved by waiting for other permanent teeth to erupt. If the displacement is too large, you need to go to the hospital for orthodontics.

Why is the new tooth yellow?

It is normal for new permanent teeth to be yellower than deciduous teeth. This is because the degree of calcification of permanent teeth is higher than that of deciduous teeth. Dentin. However, if the tooth discoloration is serious, please consult a doctor in time and ask a dentist for identification.

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