What is the manifestation of infant overfeeding?

Often spit up milk

In general, the most typical manifestation of overfeeding of newborns is frequent vomiting of milk. Because the baby’s stomach volume is small, if the baby eats too much and cannot fit in the stomach, frequent vomiting will occur.

But if the baby does not throw up much milk after eating milk and does not vomit often, but occasionally vomits, it may not be overfeeding. Once the baby has vomited up every time after eating, it means that overfeeding has occurred. Circumstances, so mothers must pay attention to it, and pay attention to adjusting the amount of milk.


Too much milk will cause the baby's stomach and abdomen to be very uncomfortable, and the baby may cry because of the uncomfortable condition.

At the same time, overfeeding will also affect the baby's sleep quality at night, and the baby may often wake up crying.

Only gain weight but not height

The growth of newborns is very fast. Babies generally increase their weight and height significantly after the full moon. But if mothers find that the baby only grows flesh and does not grow tall, it may be caused by overfeeding.

Take Breast milk Absent-minded

The baby is absent-minded while feeding, and when he hears a little movement, he puts down the nipple or nipple to find the source of the sound, and the sucking force is weakened. Or like to use the tongue to push the nipple or pacifier out, and then put it in. This repeated action, if the mother tries to put the nipple or pacifier in his mouth at this time, he will turn his head and ignore you, and even cry and resist.

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