What is the name of the small machine that warms the wet wipes?

Because newborns have just emerged from their mothers, their skin, like other organs, has not yet fully developed structure, does not have many functions of adult skin, and is not adapted to changes in external temperature differences. In order to prevent the newborn from developing disease due to sudden changes in the environment after leaving the mother's body, keeping the newborn warm is an important part.

After the newborn is born, it is necessary to wipe the blood, amniotic fluid and excessive fetal fat on the body. Because newborns have poor tolerance to cold, both skin and muscles and blood vessels are relatively delicate and fragile. Direct use of baby wipes may cause neonatal cold syndrome.

Perfect Wipe Warmer

For this reason, the nurses in the home delivery room immediately checked the relevant information after finding the problem, and used the baby wipe warmer to heat the ordinary wet wipes. The heater heats evenly and keeps the baby warm, which solves the problem of cold wet wipes irritating the skin of newborns. The newborn creates a comfortable condition.

Paying attention to baby's health and letting each newborn baby grow up healthily fully reflects the people-oriented service tenet. As nurses in the home delivery room, we should pay more attention to improving the quality of nursing service, and from the perspective of humanistic care, we should provide warm nursing, so that the mother can get a better nursing experience and improve the outcome of the mother and baby.