What is the optimal birth weight for a baby?

Under normal circumstances, the birth weight of most full-term babies is between 5-8 kg, and the best weight is 6-7 kg. It is not good for babies to have a birth weight that is too light or too heavy.

Babies with a birth weight of less than 5 kg are called low birth weight babies. Most of them are caused by premature delivery, malnutrition during pregnancy, diseases during pregnancy, and abnormal baby development. These babies have less subcutaneous fat, poor heat preservation ability, and breathing. The function and metabolic function are relatively weak, and it is easy to be infected with diseases. The mortality rate is much higher than that of normal-weight newborns, and their intellectual development will also be affected to a certain extent.

A baby with a birth weight of more than 8 kg is called a giant baby, mostly due to overnutrition during pregnancy and gestational diabetes. During childbirth, the baby is prone to dystocia, hypoxia in the uterus, or birth injuries caused by normal delivery.


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