What kind of baby carrier should be used for one-month and two-month-old babies?

For male and female friends who are new parents, having their own love crystallization is an important and sacred thing. But for the younger generation of parents, the most difficult thing is how to take care of the baby. For a one-month baby, its body is still very soft, so moms and dads must be very careful when holding the baby. Can the baby use the strap at this time? If so, what kind of sling should be used for a one-month baby?

At present, there are a lot of baby carriers on the market, including sitting-upright and lying-down. For a one-month-old baby, sitting-and-standing slings cannot be used, which will cause a serious burden on the baby's spine and affect the development of its bones. Because the baby's back is still very soft at this time and cannot support his body. Therefore, if a one-month-old baby wants to use a sling, he needs to choose a horizontal type, but this type of sling has certain safety risks for the baby, and parents must be very careful when using it. In the process of use, parents must carefully protect the baby's head, neck and back to avoid adverse consequences.

Comfortable Baby Carrier

If conditions permit, it is recommended that parents do not use baby carriers during this month of age, and only use baby strollers when going out. In this way, the baby will not only feel more comfortable, but also be more secure.

Moms will be very happy when the baby comes by their side. However, as the baby’s age and weight increase, mothers will have certain difficulties in holding the baby. For a two-month-old baby, its height and weight have changed significantly compared to when they were just born. At this time, parents can Consider using a baby carrier.

Although a two-month-old baby has a higher body development and a significant increase in weight, his cervical spine and spine have not yet been fully developed. Therefore, mothers should pay attention to protecting the baby’s head and back when holding the baby to avoid this. Two parts are injured, which will have a great impact on the baby. But mothers with their two-month-old babies are very tired to maintain this kind of care position, so it is wise to buy a Baby Carrier Wrap. For babies of this month, considering the basic physical characteristics, it is recommended to choose a baby carrier with a waist stool or a cross-body carrier. The former can place the baby on the waist stool so that the mothers’ waist can share some of the baby’s Weight, mothers will feel a lot easier. At the same time, the baby in this state will not affect its bone development. The latter kind of harness directly carries the baby across the chest, which can keep warm and conform to the developmental characteristics of the baby at this stage, but the appearance is not very good, and parents can consider it by themselves.

Therefore, in order to make themselves more relaxed, mothers can use baby slings. But be sure to choose the most suitable product.