What kind of maternity and baby room will be welcomed by working mothers in 2021?

Entering 2021, women in the workplace are playing an increasingly important role, but when we talk more and more about workplace care, we always ignore a large number of great people in the workplace-working mothers.

According to relevant surveys, only 3% of employers have breastfeeding rooms among those who choose to carry breast milk. More "milking mothers" can only choose to finish milking in less private places such as bathrooms, stairwells, and meeting rooms.

Does your company have a special "mother and baby room"?

According to relevant surveys, the location information of the "maternal and infant rooms" collected by the New First-tier Cities Research Institute on the Gaode map shows that the total number of mother and infant rooms in all cities in mainland China is only 2,643, of which only 7 cities have more than 100 rooms. A maternity room.

In second-tier and lower-tier cities, the average number of maternity rooms in each city is less than 10. It can be said that the city cherishes space.

When we have just finished Mother's Day, we should put ourselves in consideration for these "workplace supergirls". The maternity room can be used as one of the important measures for the company to embody humanized care. Mothers do not have very high requirements for the maternity room. Sunon designed a simple and warm maternity room through research on the needs of new mothers in the workplace The solution provides a reference for companies to build or add maternity rooms.

What kind of maternity room does a new mother in the workplace need? Comfortable single room

1. Set up an independent milking room to pay attention to the privacy of mothers;

2. Provide comfortable seats for mothers who milk for a long time;

3. The convenient power port allows mothers to charge the machine while milking;

Conveniently organize
4. A washbasin equipped with cleaning utensils, disposable utensils, and trash cans is convenient for mothers to clean the milk bottles;

5. The wider table is also equipped with a Baby Bottle Sterilizer and milk warming equipment for use to ensure the safety and sanitation of breast milk;

6. Equipped with a special refrigerator to keep breast milk fresh;

7. Large storage space is convenient for storing mothers’ milk packs and other required items.

Baby Bottle Sterilizer

As part of corporate care, the maternity room has become a rigid demand that cannot be ignored. From color matching to furniture placement, the entire maternity room is filled with tranquility and warmth.

Fully consider the physical and psychological changes that new mothers in the workplace are experiencing. While meeting the needs of breastfeeding mothers in the workplace, it also provides them with a place to relax.

Facing the fact that more and more women in the workplace choose to return to the workplace as soon as possible after giving birth and strive to balance work and family, as a company and society, these "workplace supergirls" should be given more care and tolerance!