What posture can be relieved when pregnant women have labor pains?

When a pregnant woman has labor pains, it means that it is close to the time of delivery. The contractions will become more and more intense, and the contractions are often accompanied by severe labor pains, and most mothers will feel the pain inevitable. In order to relieve the pain of labor, proper posture can be used to relieve the pain. So what kind of posture can be relieved when pregnant women have labor pains?

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If the pain is unbearable for mothers, they can kneel or stand and lean forward appropriately to reduce the pain. When kneeling at the same time, you can slowly rotate the waist to make the baby gradually lower. This posture can relieve the pressure on the uterus and relieve the symptoms of low back pain. You can also lie down as you feel comfortable. Raise your knees slightly, which will be more comfortable. At the same time, press the waist with the force of deep breathing. When the labor pain is not obvious, you can rest more to save energy.

Although it is very painful before delivery, it takes more than 10 hours, but the moment the baby is born, the whole person will be relaxed. Moreover, the recovery rate after delivery is very fast, so pregnant women who can deliver smoothly try their best to strive for smooth delivery. If turbid amniotic fluid occurs during the normal delivery process, it may cause the fetus to be hypoxic in the abdomen. Therefore, if there is a problem with the labor, the method of delivery must be changed under the advice of the doctor.