What should a child with poor immunity eat?

If you want your baby to have great immunity, you should first ensure that your child has enough sleep time every day. For newborns, the daily sleep time should be about 20 hours. Through adequate sleep, children can get adequate rest, nourish their energy, and the burden on the immune system will be reduced a lot. In addition, for children under one year old, can diet improve the child's immunity?

For children under one year old, the best way to improve immunity is to receive breastfeeding. There are many types of antibodies in breast milk, and it contains lactoferrin, active immune cells and other components, which have a significant effect on improving the disease resistance of young children. Formula milk is the next baby food for breast milk. If breastfeeding is really impossible, formula milk powder should also be added to the baby.

After the baby grows up to six months, you can add complementary foods, but it should be noted that before one year of age, breast milk and formula milk are still the most important food for the baby. The addition of supplementary food should gradually transition from a single small amount at the beginning to a diversified food, so that the baby can absorb nutrients in many ways, which is of great benefit to improving the child's immunity. The food materials used to make supplementary food for the baby should be fresh, and try to eat food processed foods made from natural ingredients. Foods with many pigments and additives should be avoided as far as possible.

In addition to the above dietary recommendations, the common foods that can improve the baby’s immune system are the following: brown rice, coix seed, yellow green vegetables, yogurt, etc.

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