What should be a UV sterilizer suitable for kindergarten?

Everyone will find a phenomenon that after children go to kindergarten, the frequency of colds and illnesses has increased. First of all, because the children's resistance is relatively weak, and secondly, if 20-30 children are concentrated together, the spread of bacteria and viruses is prone to occur. To reduce the probability of the spread of bacteria between children requires regular disinfection and sterilization.

The disinfection in some kindergartens is only the disinfection by life teachers, and some are equipped with ultraviolet disinfection lamps. When the ultraviolet disinfection lamps are turned on, personnel must leave the premises to prevent ultraviolet light waves from burning the eyes and skin. The disadvantage is that places that cannot be irradiated cannot be disinfected, people cannot be present during disinfection, and the switch must be out of the reach of children. The wall-mounted ultraviolet sterilizer can just make up for the above two shortcomings.

2021 UV Light Sanitizer box

The wall-mounted ultraviolet sterilizer sterilizes the upper air through the indoor air circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilizing the entire indoor air. The structure of this type of disinfection machine mostly uses the shell of the indoor unit of the household air conditioner, which is installed on the upper wall like an air conditioner. The use of wall-mounted ultraviolet sterilizers is also popularized. Products that were only used in hospitals in the past have gradually moved into the home. Schools, offices, hotel clubs, etc.

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