What should I do if a newborn has eczema on his face?

1. Wash your child's face less

Especially do not wash your face with too hot water. It is not recommended to wash your child with bath cream or soap, because hot water will stimulate your child’s eczema and itching. Generally, it is recommended to wash your face with warm water sooner or later, even with a little cold water. better.

2. Prevent external stimuli

Don’t have some stuffed toys on the bed. Children have bedding for disinfection. Children’s clothes should be made of pure cotton.

3. Pay attention to the humidity and temperature in the air

Pay attention to the indoor air temperature and humidity. The temperature should be controlled at 20-24 degrees as far as possible, and the humidity should be controlled at about 40-60 degrees. This way, it is better to maintain the moisture of the child's skin and the integrity of the child's skin.

4. Breast milk, mothers pay attention to their own diet

Eczema may be related to food allergies. Mom writes a diet diary and observes what she eats. The child will get more serious eczema, so she should reduce or even not eat this kind of food. This can reduce the incidence of eczema in the baby.

5. Use moisturizer

Pay attention to the use of creams, just for babies, buy a large bottle and apply a thick layer, which can be seen on the skin, to help prevent external irritation and protect the skin.


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