What should I do if my child has difficulty falling asleep at night?

Don't use too much force when taking the baby, so as not to ruin the baby

Generally, taking a child to sleep is something a mother would do. But you must also know that it is not necessary to use too much force, but it will ruin the child's good sleep and sleeping habits, and even affect his future growth.

I don’t know if you have ever had such an experience, but the harder you try to do something, it often turns out to be bad. Can the work done with a calm mind be completed well?

The same is true with children. If you use too much force and care too much, the child's resistance will become higher and higher, which will eventually lead to the breakdown of the parent-child relationship, and the child will not listen to anything you say.

Emotions can influence each other. Parents discipline their children with a heavy heart. Naturally, they are easily anxious, and they will not be very pleasant to talk to their children. The child's nerves are very sensitive, and can feel your mood swings, and then produce rebellion or short-term compliance. I can't concentrate on what I do, especially when it comes to studying, it's hard to calm down. Think about it, did we do the same when we were young?

The more you are forced by your parents, the less you don't want to do homework, or even what could have been done soon, but procrastination. Sometimes a meal can last for three or four hours, even though my mother’s nagging echoes in my ears?

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Relaxed mentality, children can be more "obedient"

In fact, not only is it about sleeping, but in many things, our parents are accustomed to intervening in the children, very hard to discipline, and even want to control the children's life. But this is wrong. Only when parents relax their minds can children be more "obedient."

First, create good conditions.

Take sleep as an example! The mother listed above, she used to lead by example, teaching her children how to sleep?

For a child, the best sleeping condition is actually to fall asleep with the mother, rather than watching him sleep. If my neighbor can do the same at the beginning of the article, I think her children will be more obedient, and will not make trouble until midnight every day.

Second, keep things simple.

Some things are not that bad, but rather serious as we think. For example, when a child goes to bed, he will go to bed late today, but not necessarily tomorrow! There is no need to nag because he goes to bed late at a time.

Instead, you should think about what caused it, and pay attention to avoiding it next time. For example, is the child too excited to play during the day? Or is the body uncomfortable? Only by finding the cause can the problem be solved fundamentally.

Finally, a good parent-child relationship is the foundation.

When you communicate with your children, it must be a good parent-child relationship to get the results you want. Otherwise, no matter how much you say, the child will not necessarily listen.

Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance at ordinary times, and often accompany children to play games or tell stories, watch TV programs, etc. These simple little things to do together can give children enough sense of security and belonging. When you educate him, he may not resist so much.

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