What should I do if my child has poor immunity?

The human body’s immune system has a very intelligent function. It can record infectious bacteria that invade the human body. The next time the same bacteria infects the human body, he will launch a more powerful attack. Therefore, if the child has never suffered from some kind of Infectious diseases, then the child’s immune system tends to be more vulnerable when resisting such infectious diseases. So how can children with poor immunity help them improve?

1. Breastfeeding. To improve a child's immunity, we need to start from daily life. Breastfeeding is the beginning of immunity for infants and young children. Every component in breast milk is very rich, which plays a particularly important role in improving the child's resistance. Therefore, as long as you have the ability to breastfeed, you must not miss this opportunity to improve your child's immunity.

2. Touch. After the baby is born, every contact with the mother’s limbs will give the baby a sufficient sense of security, which is very beneficial to all aspects of the baby’s development. Frequent touches are beneficial to the child’s blood circulation. This is also a way to improve the child’s blood circulation. Way of immunity.

3. Vaccination. Taking the initiative to vaccinate on time is the most effective and simplest measure to prevent and resist infectious diseases. Parents must not ignore the vaccination.

4. Establish a regular biological clock for the child. Young children need a lot of sleep time to ensure the normal development of the body, while adequate sleep can also enhance the child's immunity.

5. Don't overfeed. The organs of babies under one year old are very delicate, the gastrointestinal system is still developing, and the digestion and absorption capacity is far less than that of adults. If overfed, it will increase the burden on the digestive system, bring some gastrointestinal diseases, and at the same time damage the child's immunity.

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