What should I do if my three-year-old baby has nose?

When the baby is three years old, the parents may find that there is booger in the baby's nose. For this situation, parents may not have encountered it before and do not know how to deal with the baby so as not to harm the baby or affect the breathing. So, what to do with a three-year-old baby's nose?

First of all, if a three-year-old baby has booger, parents can use a cotton swab to help the baby pick out the booger or use a nasal aspirator. Because the baby at this time can already run and jump, and is already sensible, after the parents communicate with the baby, the baby may cooperate with the parent to pick up the nose. Parents should also pay attention to the strength, not to harm the baby's nasal mucosa.

Secondly, if a three-year-old baby has nose and the nose is dry and hard, then at this time, parents can use some not too hot steam to fumigate the baby's nose, so that the baby's nose can be beaten slowly Wet and soften, and then pull it out with a cotton swab. Or you can give your baby a hot bath, close the bathroom doors and windows, so that the steam can reach the baby's nasal cavity, and the nose can be pulled out after it has softened.

In addition, a three-year-old baby has learned to blow his nose. At this time, parents can let the baby blow his nose out with paper. Parents should also pay attention to adjusting the baby's growth environment at ordinary times. If the air is too dry, the baby is prone to snot remaining in the nose, which may make the baby feel very uncomfortable.