What should I do if the baby never eats?

Many novice mothers should have encountered the problem that their babies are always reluctant to eat. They have changed various ingredients, changed patterns and tastes, but they have not been effective. Mothers are anxious and worried. Maybe we can change our thinking to try to solve it. , Such as changing the tableware?

Small and flexible tableware, special for infants and young children, is a good choice for staple food, snacks, fruit, etc. The cute and funny patterns attract the baby's interest. The red handle is always conspicuous. The baby is naturally sensitive to red and can easily Catch it will make it easier for the baby to form a habit.

The Baby Bottle Sterilizer is fresh and natural in color, compact and portable, capable of 360-degree sterilization without dead ends, and the sterilization rate can reach 99.9% in three minutes. It can store milk aseptically. The most important thing about the baby's entrance is safety and health. This breast storage device protects the baby's staple food throughout the entire process until it reaches the baby's mouth safely. It can be dried intelligently after use, without water accumulation and mildew, ensuring safety.

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In addition to the things used, there are also foods. The cooking oil specially prepared for the baby is more in line with the baby’s appetite than the ordinary oil used. Select avocados to enhance the baby’s appetite. Add a drop to the baby’s food supplement. The mellow taste is more delicious. Oh!

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