What should I do if there is not enough milk during lactation?

A pregnant woman can have tens of thousands of problems. In many cases, it can cause a person to be overwhelmed and exhausted. Here, the mother who blames herself most is the lack of milk. What should I do? I am also worried that my baby will not have enough to eat, and will blame myself. If it is particularly serious, it is more likely to lead to postpartum depression. So, let's take a look at how to solve this lack of milk?

First of all, diet therapy. "It is three points of poison" and "the medicine is not as good as the food tonic", so if the mother is not enough milk, you can try to use the diet method to breastfeed (prolactin), such as loofah and crucian carp soup, clear stewed black bone chicken, Qi liver soup, peanut stewed pork feet , Hen stewed yam, stir-fried yellow flower pork loin, etc., or you can choose to eat milk food-shrimp crawling child. It is rich in phosphorus and calcium, which is beneficial to children and pregnant women, and is good for baby's skin quality and development. But the premise is that you are not allergic to shrimp crawlers and do not eat too much. Pregnant women who are prone to allergies should not eat too much, and ordinary pregnant women should not overeat too much. At the same time, pay attention to choosing fresh shrimp. Let her relax based on her mother's preferences.

Secondly, the milk substitute method. It’s really anxious if you don’t have breast milk. It’s important for your baby to be full. You can choose milk powder as your baby’s rations. Of course, it is best to follow the correct principles, choose the right milk powder, and don’t panic and seek medical advice when you encounter problems.

What are the contraindications for menstruation during lactation?

Generally speaking, menstruation does not come during breastfeeding, and it is in the period of amenorrhea. However, the matters to be noted should still be noted.

First of all, breastfeeding mothers are not without taboos, everything can be eaten, but the baby should be considered, pay attention to the food intake, try not to eat spicy, irritating food, fried food, and high-fat food. These two foods can damage body fluids, deplete energy and blood, increase qi and blood weakness, and cause constipation. They are also easy to enter the baby's body through breast milk and affect the baby's health. Moreover, breastfeeding mothers have weak digestion, and eating during breastfeeding can restore health after delivery unfavorable.

Secondly, medication. Breastfeeding mothers must know the principle of careful medication. Because most of the drugs the mother drinks can be excreted from the milk, when the baby is taking milk, it is likely that the drugs contained in the milk will also be absorbed together. When the baby's absorption and metabolism process of the drug is not yet mature, The metabolism and excretion of drugs in the baby's body is slow, and it is easy to accumulate in the body, causing symptoms such as allergies, and is more likely to endanger the baby's life. Therefore, mothers must be cautious when taking drugs.

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