What should I do with menstruation during breastfeeding?

After she has gone through a long period of gestation, she still had to give birth without having to relax. The child would cry. In Da Vinci's oil painting "The Mother of Breastfeeding", the mother's tender heart of loving the child is permeated. Mothers will breastfeed their children as much as possible, but we found some problems, let's take a look together.

After giving birth, most of the women are pale and bleak, and many qualified families will let their mothers rest at this time, which is commonly known as "confinement". At this time, the mother will still have some small troubles that are difficult to tell, that is, what should I do if there is a period when the child is breastfeeding?

First of all, from the time of the period, when the mother starts confinement, if the mother does not breastfeed, her normal physical fitness and confinement condition are good, the hormone secretion level in the body is normal, and the ovarian function is restored. In this case, menstruation will come early. Generally speaking, breastfeeding mothers will not come to menstrual holidays, but if they encounter special physique and come to the "big aunt", don't worry, just deal with it normally.

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Secondly, when breastfeeding mothers have menstruation, they should pay more attention. Basically, do not touch raw or cold food and pay attention to light exercise. Usually, you should pay attention to proper calcium supplementation, rest, strengthen nutrition, and exercise properly, which can play a certain preventive effect. If the menstrual period is irregular for a long time, it is recommended to go to the hospital to find out the specific reason and then do the corresponding treatment.

Finally, the mother's menstruation is still in the future three months after stopping breastfeeding, which may have a certain impact on the mother's health. Therefore, do not shy away from the doctor, pay attention to your health, and need to go to the hospital for examination.

Will menstruation during lactation affect breast milk?

Most mothers are sensitive, especially mothers who love their babies. They are more likely to get rid of the problems related to their children. You must figure out all the situations. Whenever you encounter minor problems, you will never sleep to figure it out. Many mothers who have menstruation during lactation are more worried, will this have any bad effect on their baby's ration-milk?

In fact, there is no need to worry about this. During the entire lactation period, the changes in milk composition are most obvious in fat, followed by protein, and less changes in sugar and inorganic salts. Protein synthesis in breast milk is regulated by prolactin. The fat and sugar in breast milk are regulated by cortisol and insulin, as well as by maternal nutrition and water intake.

Once again, the level of prolactin at 60 days postpartum basically returned to a normal level, and the protein content in milk began to drop. The nutrients in milk are affected by many factors, so the nutrients in milk are not exactly the same in different periods.

Therefore, mothers can rest assured that menstruation during lactation has no effect on the milk itself, nor will it affect the healthy growth of the baby.

How to nurse a breastfeeding mother

The lactation period refers to the period during which the mother feeds the baby with her own milk after delivery. It is the period from the start of breastfeeding to the stop of breastfeeding, which generally lasts about 10 months to 1 year. For breastfeeding mothers, my country’s law clearly prohibits employers from extending working hours or arranging night shifts, and arranging one-hour breastfeeding time for breastfeeding female workers, so as to protect the rights and interests of mothers, so that mothers should pay attention to themselves and take a look. How to treat breastfeeding mothers.

First of all, breastfeeding mothers, the spleen and stomach function has not yet recovered, it is not advisable to eat a lot of greasy and prolactin food. Therefore, in cooking, use less frying and more digestible stew with soup. The tradition of “cleaning before and warming after delivery” is to eat less cold and cold food and avoid malt, malted milk, beer, etc. that affect the secretion of milk.

Secondly, postpartum body recovery. It is best for a beauty-loving mother to choose a regular confinement center and perform recovery exercises under the care of a doctor. Do not seek fast, otherwise it will lead to bad results. Be sure to pay attention to the principle of proper amount. When the body cannot bear it, pay attention to ease the mood. Keep your mind and body happy.

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