What should I pay attention to during the baby's weaning diet?

What should I do if the baby does not eat after weaning? Babies can be weaned slowly by adding complementary foods from six months old. They will be completely weaned at about one year old. During this period, babies do not eat complementary foods or have a poor appetite. Parents should not force them. You can take care of the complementary foods and choose the right ones. Fed with milk powder.

When the baby reaches a certain level, parents need to wean the baby and then let the baby come into contact with adult food, which is conducive to the baby's physical development. However, weaning a baby is not easy, and parents need to be patient. However, many parents find that their babies refuse to eat after weaning. What should be done?

The baby needs to be weaned at about one year old. At this time, parents need to slowly add complementary food to the baby so that the baby can receive it. The baby’s poor appetite at the beginning of weaning is normal. Parents need a balanced diet and a combination of meat and vegetables so that they can better accept complementary foods. Moreover, when the baby is weaned, it is necessary to choose the right milk powder to help the baby to wean.

Babies need to have five meals a day: three main meals and two snacks in the morning, noon, and evening. It requires a balanced meal and the combination of thickness, rice noodles, meat and vegetables, and the principle of crushing, rotten, and soft, so that the baby's intestines and stomach can digest food better. If the baby is successfully weaned, the baby's diet can be fixed to three meals, morning, middle and evening, and the content of the baby's diet can be changed, such as replacing porridge with thick porridge and soft rice, and replacing mashed meat with minced meat.

Moreover, babies cannot eat all cereals after weaning, and do not share meals with adults. Their staple foods are mainly thick porridge and rotten rice. Non-staple foods include fish, lean meat and various vegetables. Fruits also need to be properly supplied according to the weather and baby's physical condition at the time, so that the baby's body can grow better and healthily.