What should the mother do if the baby has a stuffy nose?

1. Why does the baby have a stuffy nose?

A stuffy nose is not necessarily a cold. This rule is especially for newborns. The nasal cavity of newborns is narrow, and nasal congestion is particularly prone to occur when the nasal mucosa is edema or obstruction of secretions. If the temperature in the room is too low, the baby’s symptoms of nasal congestion will be more obvious. Don't worry, for most children, these nasal congestion is caused by physiological structure, not disease. Some babies often have a small amount of nasal discharge, which becomes snot after drying, and the color is pale yellow, which is also normal.

2. Deal with the nose scab of the newborn baby

If you see a scab in your baby's nose, first use your fingers to gently squeeze both sides of the nose, wait until the scab is slightly loosened, and then roll it out with a clean cotton swab. If the nasal scab is not easy to loosen, you can first drop a drop of normal saline or warm water into the nasal cavity. The moistened nasal scab is easier to loosen.

3. What should mothers pay attention to when taking care of their babies daily?

①The nose is not breathing well. If it doesn't affect the sucking, you can try to raise the pillow to see if it works.

② When the baby's nasal congestion is severe, try to change the sleeping position of the baby, the symptoms will be reduced.

③When the baby takes a few mouthfuls of milk, stop for a while and breathe through the mouth, or cry while feeding, it is very likely that the nose is blocked by nasal mucus or nasal scab, so pay attention to clean it.

Use a nasal aspirator to clean your baby's nose

4. Distinguish the abnormal situation of nasal congestion

① If the nose has a lot of mucus, the color is clear, or the nose is blocked by the nose after dryness, the baby can only breathe through the mouth continuously. At this time, you need to consider that it may be a cold and you should go to the doctor in time.

② If the nasal discharge is smelly, bloody, and the nose is swollen, there may be a foreign body in the nose.

③The neonatal nasal congestion takes a long time, and some methods are invalid, so go to the hospital in time.